Wednesday, August 22, 2012

blind meets mountain

its been a fun filled couple weeks here, i think I'm finally starting to get the hang of being in phoenix
(rachel dora ann) some festive flowers from our family summer birthday party
i have started hiking too, its such a crazy challange! i cant see at night but i find that i love night hiking because of the breeze, the view and the easiness on my eyes.
hard to see but from high up on a peak here
even going during the day, no matter how much i struggle to feel for the changes in the ground i have been truly loving it!
beautiful cactus! they really grow on you!

great daytime view, and a rare glimpse at so many clouds
I had some great advice form other vi/blind hikers about getting a trek pole. so i have been looking into them and  cant wait to get one! they will help me see and feel independent  in those  place i cant sweep a cane. I also got a great phone app called MapMyFitness. It tracks the route of where i go, the elevation, and best of all she talks to me and tells me when i hit certain milestones like miles and such!

What a wonderful feeling to do something so challenging and so much fun right here where i live. I cant wait to get some trek poles! Then there's no stopping me :)

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